A collection of projects that have shipped.

I've enjoyed helping companies ship their products to audiences of all sizes. I deliver quality products that are performant and accessible. Here are some of the projects that I've worked on.

A new digital front door for the City of Boston

Boston.gov Homepage

I joined the City of Boston's Digital team in 2015 to lead development on the redesign of Boston.gov. We launched the updated site in July of 2015. Since the launch, we've shipped weekly releases to add functionality and make improvements to accessibility and usability based on constituent feedback.

Making government meetings more transparent

Boston.gov Public Notices

In an effort to improve the accessibility of public notices, we set off on creating a new way for the City Clerk to post notices. Prior to starting this project, all public notices were posted to a bulletin board in Boston's City Hall. Our designers and product managers worked with clerk's office and the state's attorney general's office to make Boston.gov the official source of record for public notices. As part of this project, I extended Boston.gov with new content types and an API. The API is used by digital signage that replaced the bulletin board in the basement. the signage is built using Vue.js.

An iOS app that funds music and arts education

Working the the Inspired team during a moonlight engagement, I was responsible for the UI development of the Inspired app. The app is built using React Native.

Marketing site for Inspired

Inspired Homepage

I was responsible for building the marketing site for Inspired. The site uses React and server side rendering to better support SEO goals.